L & A Nicolaou Smart Posters Ltd commenced its operations in 1998 in the sector of printing services industry. Manned with high technology equipment and experienced staff, it managed to consolidate in their field of operations.

Initially the company started with all kinds of printing services which included print of magazines, invitation cards of all kinds (wedding and christening), invoices and many more. The needs of the market resulted in entering in new service areas such as the creation of neon signs (with steel structures), tents and banners. The company also offers services in silk printing of shirts, hats, flags and stickers. Another sector in which the company specializes is in digital printing and advertising (print) with a sticker (promotional material) on cars for promoting the needs of each business.

Last but not least, we offer promotional advertising gifts for all kinds of businesses. Our company also is providing website design development and graphics designing.

Our ultimate goal is immediate and direct service to the customer which includes delivery of products to site.

Just contact us.

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